Events Schedule

CODI Events Schedule

Prayer Ministry

The Church of Divine Inspiration’s Prayer Ministry began some fifty years ago. Through the pastorship of Reverend Marion L. Newbie this prayer became a standard outreach to our members. The word soon spread about the effectiveness of this prayer ministry and many called or wrote letters requesting prayer. The Church of Divine Inspiration’s Prayer and Healing List was established and remains very active today. We firmly believe that prayer is the gateway to God and to personal progression in our own consciousness.

In Addition to our regular prayer and healing service incorporated in each of our services, we have devoted every second Saturday of the month and created a Prayer and Healing Circle. This circle begins at 10:00 AM and all are welcomed. Please send us your special prayer requests as well as the names of your loved ones and friends to be added to our Prayer and Healing list.

You can send in your prayer request through our contact page or by mailing your prayer request to:  27 Appleton Street, Rochester, NY 14611

“Several years ago, I received in my meditation, that we needed to pray for peace and for the right use of will by our world leaders.  We invite you to join us in prayer.”  ~ Rev. Aloma

Church Services

Devotional Services:  Sunday 10:30am & Wednesday 7:00pm *Except 4th Sunday

Guest Medium’s Day:  10:30am Service / 12:30pm Circles / 1:00pm Hot Dinner *Every 4th Sunday

Healing Services:  Sunday 10:00am & Wednesday 6:00pm *Except 4th Sunday & 3rd Wednesday (see below)

All Healing Service:  Every 3rd Wednesday of the month 7:00pm

Hot Dinner every 4th Sunday of the month.

Weekly Schedule of Events

Please note; all Sunday services start at 10:30am, unless otherwise noted below.
Wednesday evening Healing & Message services start at 7pm.

May 2024

Sunday, May 26 – AM Mary Meissner, 10:30am

June 2024

Sunday, June 2 – Rev. Colleen Gordon, 10:30am

Friday, June 7 – General Assembly Convention – Healing Service – 7:00pm, Church of Divine Inspiration, 27 Appleton Street Rochester, NY

Saturday, June 8 – GAS Annual Meeting – 10:00am – 12:00pm, Hilton Garden Inn

Saturday, June 8 – Workshop – 2:00pm – 4:00pm, “Tahwehdahqui” Mr. Cyrus of the Tuscarora Clan

Saturday, June 8 – Service – 7:30pm – 9:00pm, Hilton Garden Inn, Eggleton Ballroom

Sunday, June 9 – Church Service – 10:00am, Eggleton Ballroom

Sunday, June 9 – 126th Annual Luncheon – 1:00pm

Sunday, June 9 – Evening Service – 7:00pm, Eggleton Ballroom – Conclusion of Convention

Sunday, June 16 – Rev. Colleen Gordon, 10:30am

Sunday, June 23 – Rev. Noce, 10:30am

July 2024

Sunday, July 7 – Rev. Aloma Cason, 10:30am
Sunday, July 14 – Rev. Colleen Gordon, 10:30am
Sunday, July 21 – Rev. Dunn, 10:30am
Sunday, July 28 – Rev. Noce, 10:30am

Your mind will always believe everything you tell it.  Feed it hope.  Feed it truth.  Feed it with love.